Chapter Leader: Carla Hamm

There is a need for women to connect, to help & support one another in business…

Don’t let the name Fabulous “Working” Ladies fool you. Our group believes supporting women who work inside and outside the home whether it is in our professional jobs or working on being the best we can be.

Come out and join us for lunch. Guest can attend a luncheon twice before actually going through the steps of joining. But why wait, becoming an active member you gain access to a wealth of resources, mentors, and networking friends. Our membership community is loyal, dedicated, and committed. It’s a diverse and vibrant mix with business owners, partners, entrepreneurs, key decision makers, corporate representatives, and professionals simply wanting to be surrounded by other Fabulous Ladies.

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Fabulous Working Ladies of Houston, TX

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Next Networking Luncheon:
Tuesday, April 8th

11:30am – 1:00pm

Ouisie’s Table

3939 San Felipe
Houston Texas 77027

(click here for directions)

Reserve Your Seat!

Member Online Registration: $20 | Non-Members and At-the-Door Price: $30

FAB Houston Chapter Meets Every 2nd Tuesday.

To all of the Fabulous Working Ladies of Houston:

carla hammIt is with excitement and a little bit of nervousness that I sit down to write this letter to you. My name is Carla Hamm and I am your new director for the Houston chapter. First let me say I am very proud to have the chance to lead this chapter and have high hopes that we can be one of the biggest chapters in the Fabulous Working Ladies franchise.

I am a native Houstonian. I live in Southwest Houston with my husband Mike, our daughter Kaci, a granddaughter Chloe and our dogs and cats (yes that is plural!) I owned a flower shop here in town for 20 plus years and while in the floral industry I joined several groups and became 1st vice president of Allied Florist of Houston. Part of my duties in that position was to arrange for the meetings and meals each month as well as other meet ups. After many years as a florist, I sold my shop about 12 years ago and retired. When retirement became a bore I took my test for real estate and have been selling homes here in Houston ever since.

My wish for this chapter is to bring together the fabulous women of Houston where we will have a place to meet, exchange ideas, gather support for one another, make new friends and grow as a group. I want the ladies to be involved and work together to make decisions as a group and to get to know one another on a more personal level. I hope for our organization that we will work together to serve those in need in our communities while we care for each other.

Please join me at our April 8th luncheon at Ouisie’s Table. For those of you that might not have had the chance to dine at Ouisie’s you will be on for a treat! We will be voting that day on meeting locations and I would like everyone’s input. I am looking so forward to meeting each of you, so please book your reservation for lunch now.

All my best,

Mini Trade Show Tables:

Concerning the mini trade show, if you want a table to display your product/business, you pay for your lunch and then send us an email. We will be limiting the type of each business. Two jewelry, one each other business. So again first come first serve, there is no additional charge for these and are for members only.

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The Fabulous Working Ladies organization is a caring sisterhood that creates opportunities to help and foster relationships with other women nationwide. Giving back and providing education that supports the personal growth of our members makes the Fabulous Working Ladies an invaluable resource for women serving in business, life and community.

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