Chapter Leader: Tracy Boswell & Maria Caputi

Welcome to the VA Beach Chapter of the Fabulous Working Ladies! This group is new to Hampton Roads so you have the opportunity to help shape and grow our organization as a charter member! Tracy and Maria both love to network, but were not happy with groups that were only about passing out cards and then being on endless contact lists as a potential business prospect.

The fact that the Fabulous Working Ladies is about BUILDING FRIENDSHIPS and MAKING a DIFFERENCE in the COMMUNITY sparked their interest and helped them decide to bring it to the area. We meet on the Oceanfront at Mahi-Mah’s the Second Wednesday of the Month. What could be more FABULOUS than having lunch with powerful, motivated, positive women while you watch the waves? Make an afternoon of it and walk the boardwalk afterwards! We have supported various charities at our luncheons and plan to work with the area Domestic Violence Shelters as a way to give back to women in need. We hope we get to meet you soon and learn what makes you a FABULOUS LADY too!

Our Phone Number: 757-544-0602
Our eMail: Click here to send us an email

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Fabulous Working Ladies of Virginia Beach, VA

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Next Networking Luncheon:
Wednesday, March 12th

11:30am – 1:00pm

MAHI MAH’S Seafood Restaurant and Seafood Salon

615 Atlantic Ave, Inside the Ramada

(click here for directions)

Reserve Your Seat!

Member Online Registration: $5 | Non-Members and At-the-Door Price: $10
(Order from any of the delectable items on the Mahi Mah’s menu!)

The Virgina Beach Chapter Meets Every 2nd Wednesday.



March Madness is here! Lots of ANTICIPATION for what will happen next! Hopefully warmer weather will be here soon.

Last month we decided to raise money to help a young friend of Tracy’s daughter who is battling a second round of cancer. We talked about having a vendor fair and getting a booth at other area events to raise money for Team Emily. There were lots of ideas and suggestions being offered from our members and some new visiting guests (soon to be members I hope). We will continue the planning process at our next luncheon on WEDNESDAY MARCH 12th at 11:30 at Mahi Mah’s (615 Atlantic Ave at the Oceanfront) at our next FAB luncheon!

Remember, we’ve changed things up a bit for our monthly luncheons! Now, we will simply charge a $5 meeting fee for members/guests ($10 non-members) and you can select your lunch from the full Mahi Mah’s menu! You pay for whatever you decide to order I LOVE having choices!!

The FABULOUS Christy McCloud of Sea Shore Realty ( will be leading our mini training this month. Do you often feel like you have more tasks than time to complete them?? We all have the same number of hours…how is it that some people seem to get more done?? Christy will train us on some key ideas to help us all better manage our time.

Feel free to invite other FABULOUS women to join in on our luncheons…always fun to meet new friends!
We look forward to seeing YOU on March 12th!

Tracy & Maria

Mini Trade Show Tables:

If you want a table to display your business let me know when you RSVP. There is no additional charge for this, just prepay your luncheon and it will hold a table for you.


Team Emily

Emily is a friend of Tracy’s daughter who is battling cancer for the 2nd time.

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The Fabulous Working Ladies organization is a caring sisterhood that creates opportunities to help and foster relationships with other women nationwide. Giving back and providing education that supports the personal growth of our members makes the Fabulous Working Ladies an invaluable resource for women serving in business, life and community.

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